80 PopCap Games Pack Portable
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80 PopCap Games Pack Portable . 1.73Gb.


Minimum specs:
Windows Vista.
Proccesor : Pentium III 800Mb.
RAM : 512Gb.
DirectX : 9.


Games List :
Alchemy Deluxe v1.6 [PopCap]
Alice Greenfingers v1.06 [PopCap]
Amazing Adventures 1 - The Lost Tomb v1.0.0.6 [PopCap]
Amazing Adventures 2 - Around the World v1.0.0.6 [PopCap]
Amazing Adventures 3 - The Caribbean Secret v1.0.0.3 [PopCap]
Amazing Adventures 4 - The Forgotten Dynasty v1.0.0.0 [PopCap]
Amazing Adventures 5 - Riddle of the Two Knights v1.0.0.32 [PopCap]
AstroPop Deluxe v1.1 [PopCap]
Atomica Deluxe! v2.52 [PopCap]
Banana Bugs v1.0.0.7000 [PopCap]
Bejeweled 1 Deluxe v1.87 [PopCap]
Bejeweled 2 Deluxe v1.1.3.2523 [PopCap]
Bejeweled 3 v1.0.8.6128 [PopCap]
Bejeweled Blitz v1.0.6.7260 [PopCap]
Bejeweled Twist v1.0.3.7482 [PopCap]
Big Kahuna Reef v1.2.23 [PopCap]
Big Money! Deluxe v1.3 [PopCap]
Bonnie’s Bookstore Deluxe v1.01 [PopCap]
Bookworm Adventures Deluxe v1.0.1.100 [PopCap]
Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 v1.0.6.2376 [PopCap]
Bookworm Deluxe! v1.13 [PopCap]
BreakQuest v1.2.0 [PopCap]
Cake Mania v1.0.2 [PopCap]
Chuzzle Deluxe v1.01 [PopCap]
Chuzzle - Christmas Edition v1.01 [PopCap]
Cosmic Bugs v1.05 [PopCap]
Diner Dash 2 - Restaurant Rescue v1.0.0.228 [PopCap]
Dynomite! Deluxe v2.71 [PopCap]
Eets - Hunger. It’s emotional. v1.0 [PopCap]
Escape - Rosecliff Island v1.0.0.3 [PopCap]
Escape - the Emerald Star v1.0.0.0 [PopCap]
Escape - Whisper Valley v1.0.0.0 [PopCap]
Family Feud v1.31 [PopCap]
Feeding Frenzy Deluxe v5.7.18.1 [PopCap]
Feeding Frenzy 2 Deluxe - Shipwreck Showdown v1.0 [PopCap]
Hammer Heads Deluxe v1.1 [PopCap]
Heavy Weapon Deluxe - Atomic Tank! v1.0 [PopCap]
Hidden Identity - Chicago Blackout v1.02 [PopCap]
Iggle Pop! Deluxe v1.0 [PopCap]
Insaniquarium! Deluxe v1.1 [PopCap]
Magic Match - Journey to the Lands of Arcane v1.19 [PopCap]
Mahjong Escape - Ancient China v1.0.0.5 [PopCap]
Mahjong Escape - Ancient Japan v1.0.0.1 [PopCap]
Mummy Maze Deluxe v1.1 [PopCap]
Mystery Case Files - Huntsville v1.6 [PopCap]
Mystery P.I. 1 - The Lottery Ticket v1.0.0.6 [PopCap]
Mystery P.I. 2 - The Vegas Heist v1.0.0.4 [PopCap]
Mystery P.I. 3 - The New York Fortune v1.0.0.4 [PopCap]
Mystery P.I. 4 - Lost in Los Angeles v1.0.0.2 [PopCap]
Mystery P.I. 5 - The London Caper v1.0.0.1 [PopCap]
Mystery P.I. 6 - Stolen in San Francisco v1.0.0.2 [PopCap]
Mystery P.I. 7 - The Curious Case of Counterfeit Cove v1.0.0.42 [PopCap]
Mystery Solitaire - Secret Island v1.0.0.10 [PopCap]
NingPo MahJong Deluxe v1.04.04 [PopCap]
Noah’s Ark Deluxe v1.1 [PopCap]
Peggle Deluxe v1.01 [PopCap]
Peggle Nights Deluxe - Expanded Edition v1.0.3.6632 [PopCap]
Peggle - World of Warcraft Edition v1.0.4.6500 [PopCap]
Pixelus Deluxe v1.0 [PopCap]
Pizza Frenzy Deluxe v5.8.30.1 [PopCap]
Plantasia v1.0.0.44 [PopCap]
Plants vs. Zombies Game of the Year Edition v1.2.0.1073 [PopCap]
Platypus v1.13d [PopCap]
QBeez 2 v2.0.3a [PopCap]
Rocket Mania! Deluxe v1.01 [PopCap]
RocketBowl Plus v1.2.138 [PopCap]
Seven Seas Deluxe v1.13 [PopCap]
Super Collapse! 3 v3.1.1.2 [PopCap]
Talismania Deluxe v1.0.173700 [PopCap]
The Wizard’s Pen v1.01 [PopCap]
TipTop Deluxe v1.1 [PopCap]
Tradewinds 3 - Legends v1.0.3 [PopCap]
Typer Shark! Deluxe v1.02 [PopCap]
Vacation Quest - The Hawaiian Islands v1.0.0.0 [PopCap]
Vacation Quest 2 - Australia v1.0.0.0 [PopCap]
Venice Deluxe v1.0 [PopCap]
Water Bugs v1.15 [PopCap]
Word Harmony Deluxe v2.4.3.6 [PopCap]
Zuma Deluxe v1.1.0.0 [PopCap]
Zuma’s Revenge! v1.0.4.9495 [PopCap]


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